About us here at Shell Creek Seafood

My family started in the shrimping industry back in 1949 with my dad Capt. Dan Colson.  He was a deckhand on a shrimp boat in the beginning but, it was not long before he owned his first boat.  He built his first shrimp boat in 1955 and that is where he found his true passion.  He went on to build over 80 shrimp boats with the last being named after my mom, Lady Helen.  He later retired from U.G.A. as a marine specialist.

I carried on the family tradition by starting out on the deck of a shrimp boat as a teenager.  I married my wife Michelle in 1978 and soon after we owned our first shrimp boat.  Thru the years we have owned many boats, a marine railway, a shrimp dock packing house and now we have built our new shrimp processing plant with a full seafood retail shop in the front.  My wife and I work together with my daughter Della, and our many grandchildren.  My mom still comes around to keep us all straight!